Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday Leftovers Bento

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had soooo much fun. First my friends came over and I opened presents (I got some awesome presents including DDR and Dance Pads, CK Summer cologne, Bento Picks and Color Flame Candles, Emily the Strange Books, etc.), then we drove to Rockport and went to this awesome Tea Restaurant called Heath's Tea Room. It was delicious, and everyone had fun there. And they had a lot of gluten free offerings including Gluten Free Scones! I was soooo happy about the scones! After we had lunch we walked around Rockport and enjoyed the shops. I bought some yummy salt water taffy and some hard candies before we left, and then we went to a Greek Festival in Cambridge. The line for food was long, but we got to cut ahead because we weren't getting gyros. Apparently a loooot of people were getting them. Anyway, I had Greek Salad, and Spanikopita for dinner and Bakalva and a few bites of rice pudding for dessert. (Not gluten free, and I paid for it later...) We were planning on dancing, but it was so crowded and busy we ended up hanging out at the tables for a while before going home to set up DDR are play a few games before people had to leave for the night. It was a wonderful Birthday and I had a ton of fun!

Anyway, I made this bento using leftovers from my Birthday Dinner on Friday (my fiance brought me to Burton's Grille) as well as some of the candies I brought at Rockport Yesterday, and some leftover grilled chicken kabobs that remind me of the Chicken Souvlaki that was at the Greek Festival.

  • Grilled Chicken (Reminds me of the Chicken Souvlaki from the Greek Festival. I added my favorite Food Picks to represent my friends, as well as the yummy desserts I ate yesterday)
  • Beet Salad (This is leftover from my Birthday dinner at Burton's Grill on Friday. It's beets with caramelized onions, micro-greens, and spicy roasted walnuts. I ordered it without the goat cheese.)
 This is the Peanut Butter tier. Peanut Butter is one of my favorite foods!
  • Salt water Taffy (From Rockport. Peanut Butter with Chocolate Center, and Chocolate with Peanut Butter center)
  • Peanut Candies (From Rockport. Peanut shaped Hard Candies with Peanut Butter center)
  • Ants on a Log (Celery, Natural Chunky Peanut Butter, Plum Amazins diced Prunes)
Here is a few close ups of the amazing and delicious Peanut Candies. My camera sucks so it's hard to see the detail in the blurry pictures..

And here it is unwrapped.

I packed this delicious food in my PinPin Bento Box because it is cute piggies having a tea party! So I thought it was perfect for my birthday bento.


  1. It was super fun, and I'm glad you had a good time! ^_^ And love the cute bento, as always!

    1. Yeah, it was a great birthday. :) Thank you