Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Different ways to make the same Bento

Have you ever said to yourself 'My bentos all look the same.' or 'I can't make bentos because I eat the same thing every day so they would be boring.' Well this post is for you because I am going to show you that you can take the same basic ingredients and turn them into many different looking bentos with the use of a little creativity and the help of some basic bento supplies (Some bento supplies are easier to find then others, so the ones I used are basic and most people can find).
Some of you already know that I eat almost the same breakfast every day... Yogurt (usually vanilla), Fruit (usually strawberries and blueberries), Cereal (usually fiber one original) and milled Flax seed... but that hasn't stopped me from making lots of breakfast bentos.
This post is going to show you how I turned the same 4 ingredients and turned them into more then 10 different bentos.
  • Here is what this breakfast would look like if I didn't turn it into a bento... Boring and bland looking isn't it?
But that doesn't have to be the case because separate the ingredients and put them into an interesting container or a bento box and you have this...
Ok, I realize that this still isn't that pretty to look at, but it's a start right?
  • Next up you can make it more interesting by getting creative and adding a simple shape with the use of a small cookie cutter or a stencil. I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter for this one.
  • Now maybe you want it to be a little more different, you can do this by adding or changing a flavor/color... In This next bento I used a different flavor of yogurt and a star shape instead of a heart.
  • And then in this bento I took the picture with different lighting. It goes to show you that even the same looking bento can look more interesting by changing the lighting.
  • Next I have added a simple food pick to liven up the bento. Food picks can be found in most craft stores and kitchen supply stores (think cupcake picks) if you can't find a bento supply store near you.
  • And here I used the same ingredients but I placed them into a different bento box. Keeps it interesting without much work or thought.
Try being creative with the placing of your ingredients. Here I used blueberries to frame the flax seed heart.

And in this one I used the strawberry slices to make heart shapes all down the sides of the box. I like to incorporate the same shape throughout the box to help draw your eye around.

Here I used the cereal to frame the heart, and I added different fruit for a new color and flavor! Also note the food picks and the Heart Shaped Watermelon.

 And in this one I used a different bento box for color, I lined up all the ingredients to make stripes, and I added cherries for and extra interesting change of color and flavor.
  • And don't forget that you can always use a theme to liven up your bentos, Holidays and celebrations are always more fun to celebrate with a bento!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!! So creative!!!! And cute! ^_^

  2. Seems very simple and delicious ^^

  3. So... many... pretty designs... and colors... *Staaaaaaaaaaaaare*

  4. hehehe thank you! I've been planning on this project for a while but I didn't want to wait any longer before I posted it... my original idea was 50 different ways, but I was just too impatient to wait any longer.

  5. You are welcome. I hope it was helpful

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