Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog #100! Special Onigiri Bento

This is my 100th post on this blog! I'm so excited to have gotten to my 100th post already, and I thank all 27 of my Followers for my over 6,000 blog views so far.
Anyway, My fiance and I went on a date today, as we try to do almost every Friday. And we went to our local Japanese Market Ebisuya as well as our local Korean Market H-mart. We bought lots of goodies for us to eat, as well as some Onigiri for today's bento.
I'm so happy to finally be able to use my new Onigiri bento box that I got for my birthday. I also made some Spinach Tamagoyaki and some Apple Rabbits to go along with our Onigiri.
Here it is all spread out and ready for us to eat...
...And here it is all closed up, to show my cute bento box and bento strap to keep it closed. Here you can see what we had to drink.
  • Cherry Ramune (Japanese Soda) for my Fiance
  • Oolong Tea for me
 Under the lid of the bento box we have our Onigiri.
The Onigiri came wrapped in a special plastic sheet that houses the optional seaweed (Nori). Personally I do not like to wrap the Onigiri in the Nori, so I did not use it, but my fiance tried it, and said it was OK, but prefers the onigiri without.
  • Plum (Umeboshi) Onigiri for me
  • Salmon Onigiri for my Fiance
 Under the Onigiri layer, there is...
  • Spinach Tamagoyaki
  • Apple Rabbits
 Here is my fiance taking a bit of the Salmon Onigiri...
 Salmon! My fiance's favorite food!
And me with my Umeboshi Onigiri.
This is a close up of my onigiri. I did NOT like the Umeboshi at all, and I ended up eating all around it and tossing the part of the rice that touched the plum. That was disappointing, but that was one of the only Onigiri Ebisuya offered that didn't have seafood in it. The other one was something with mustard greens.

Here are the other goodies we bought today, minus the Cheese Bread my fiance gobbled up in the car and the Rice Papers I bought to make Summer Rolls... (Stay tuned for Summer Rolls)
  • Koala Chocolate Creme cookies (For my fiance)
  • Coffee Beat (Little chocolate and coffee flavored candies in the shape of coffee beans, one for each of us..... one of my FAVORITE Japanese candies!)
  • Apollo (Strawberry Chocolate candies for my fiance. This is my fiance's FAVORITE Japanese candy!)
  • Crisp Choco (Chocolate covered Cornflakes for me.)
I started eating them in the car, so yummy! I love how it looks like a little chocolate pizza. This is quickly becoming my second favorite Japanese candy/snack.
I hope everyone had a great day, and I'd like to thank you all for helping me along to my 100th post. I look forward to the next 100!


  1. CUUUUUTE! Loves it! Heeheeheehee! ...I wish they sold non-carbonated stuff in ramune bottles. Those bottles are awesome. LOL. <3 the apple bunnies!

  2. Thank you!!! Yeah I like the Ramune bottles too, but I don't drink soda anymore, so I never buy them.

  3. Holy crap, 100! And it was tasty as always! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

  4. I know! It'll be 200 before we know it! Thank you Kellie!