Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden of Love Bento

So I wanted to use some of my new Bento Goodies I got for my birthday, so I took them out and washed them all and then decided what I wanted to make. I went grocery shopping yesterday so I had a ton of fresh produce to use, and we still had hotdogs and beans left over from last night's dinner, so I knew what I was going to put into the bento, I just had to figure out what I wanted it to look like. So I sat down with some paper and a pen and started to draw and I came up with a cute bento idea using lots of my new bento goodies and all the ingredients I had laying around.
This is the Garden of Love Bento using Garden fresh fruit and vegetables, and Hotdog tulips and lots and lots of heart confetti. First up is my fiance's bento. I always make my fiance's bento look a little better then mine. I guess I just spend more time on it because I want it to be perfect whereas with mine I don't put in as much effort.
  • Bush's Grillin' Beans in a heart cup
  • Hotdog Tulips (One with a tiny stem pick)
  • Celery
  • Julianned Baby Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli with Cheddar Cheese heart confetti
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • LOVE Salad (Fresh Baby Spinach, LOVE in Cheddar Cheese, Heart confetti in carrots, cucumber, mushroom, and cheese)
  • Strawberry Rose
  • Blueberries
Next up is my bento. It's the same ingredients, but I didn't put is as much effort into mine, and I also have mostly hotdog scraps instead of tulips.
Here are some close ups of my bento...
I love the cute little tulip hotdogs and the heart confetti...
And the Letter cutters are super awesome. I can't wait to put little messages into my bentos, and I had soooo much fun making the heart confetti. There was also a star cutter too, so I'll be making star confetti soon.

These bento feature many of my new bento goodies that I got for my birthday, The wiener shaper, tulip stem picks, heart confetti cutter, letter cutters, and the cute animal baran. To read more about these items or to see more pictures please go here.


  1. Love the "Love"!!!! Super cute! And tasty! Hope you use more words in your bentos to come!

  2. Thank you so much Kellie! I can't wait to make more wordy bentos! lol

  3. *Brain explodes in cute* STUPID STUPID FACEBOOK! I always pounce your blog posts; this one didn't show up in the feed! >.< Only just seeing it now! SO CUUUUTE! I'm glad the cutter thingies worked well; I was worried whether they'd be awkward or not. I think the creativity just BURST out in this one! So much detail and color! Love the broccoli bush with cheddar heart berries! *giggle!*
    Dunno if you've seen this site, but it's where I found stuff... I meant to show you before. It's pretty decent, and very reasonable pricing! <3 it! ...Spent WAY too long looking at it, in fact. Curse you! *Giggle!*

  4. Thank you so much Julie! I love reading your comments, it makes me so Happy!!! I really love all my new bento goodies. I especially loved the little confetti cutters and the letter cutters. I will definitely be using those again and again and again.
    I'm going to look at the website right now. :)
    Thank you sooo much, your comments really me a lot to me, and Thank you again and again for the wonderful bento gear you have given me. :)

  5. <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!! I'm glad! I have fun reading these! ^_^ And I'm glad you're enjoying them; I had a little... too much fun picking them out. -_-; I LOVE the confetti and letters you did! I didn't think of so many things you could use them with; glad you found options!
    ... Aside from JUST realizing in the last few days to look for response comments, I just realized how to put my name in when I post. *faaaail*

  6. Yay! lol I REALLY love everything. especially the confetti cutters. I had so much fun making that heart salad. I am totally going to make a ton of confetti, and use it for different things in bentos. I want to make a night sky with the star confetti, and I can make a party bento with confetti and maybe spell out PARTY! or something like that. So many options.

  7. Another winner, lady. I'm so glad you've found your calling! ...and I so love being able to just scan through and pick at random! <3 Beautiful, babes!

  8. Thank you so much. This bento Happens to be my favorite!