Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rice Cooker Review

Review of the Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker that my fiance and I received for a Handfasting/Engagement Gift.
This Rice Cooker is also a steamer and has a bunch of awesome features that I wrote about here.
This rice cooker is really easy to use, and it comes with a step by step guide and some recipes as well.
After the rice cooker beeped I opened it up and saw a beautiful sight.... Fluffy, Perfectly Cooked Rice!
The first thing I did was line my onigiri maker with plastic wrap and fill the pockets with rice.
And pressed the onigiri maker together to pack the rice into the plastic wrap.
Then I flipped it over and popped them out to reveal.....
Wrapped Onigiri!!!!
I made these to see how they would hold up overnight in the refrigerator. I wanted an onigiri snack for tomorrow.
And here is my dinner... Steak, Vegetables, and RICE, with Cracked Pepper and Butter.

The rice was delicious. So simple to make, and it was fluffy and cooked to perfection. I ate many servings of the rice and I could have had JUST rice for dinner because it was THAT good!
My fiance's opinion of the rice maker....? "More Please!" and "When are you going to make it again?" and "Can we have the rice pudding and the steamed salmon rice?" That last question was referring to the recipes that came with the rice cooker.

With the simplicity of the rice cooker, as well as all the wonderful features it comes with, I would highly recommend this rice cooker to anyone from beginners to experienced rice makers.


  1. *SQUEAL!* Love the step by step pictures! X-D ....Stop making things I don't normally eat look delicious... And making me hungry in general. >.> Naughty! :-P And SILLY Kellie! *Giggle!*

  2. Who liked it? LOVED it! ^_^ <3!!!