Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fresh Rolls & Fried Rice Bento

This is my first time making fresh rolls.... and I had a lot of trouble. The rice paper was sticking to the plate, and I didn't roll it up tight enough. so when I cut them all the filling was coming out. That and I didn't even have lettuce to fill it with. *shakes head* I'll try again soon.
I'm putting my bento first, because my fiance's was a colossal mess, and mine came out a little better. She didn't care because it still tasted super yummy.
  • Chicken Fried Rice from here
  • Fresh Rolls (Rice papers, rice vermicelli, shredded carrots, red pepper, cooked mushrooms)
  • Soy Sauce in the little apple bottle
  • Red Pepper garnish
 You can't even tell that these were rolls.... it just looks like I tossed everything into the bento... Oh well. This bento has exactly the same foods as the first bento... it's just a lot messier.

I'll definitely try making fresh rolls again sometime. I just have to be sure to wrap it much tighter and make sure the knife I use to cut it is a lot sharper so I don't have to saw through it as much.


  1. LOVE the red, orange, and white! It's very striking! Not everything comes out perfect the first time, but this was a pretty cool attempt! <3 Keep going, Kat!

  2. Thanks. I'll definitely try again, I still have a ton of Rice papers to use. lol