Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bunnies in the Garden and Apples Galore

Here are a few bentos using some of my new bento accessories. After the bentos I also have a mini review on the Apple Shaped Sauce Bottles as well.
Here is my Bento today. I call it 'Bunnies in the Garden' because I have lots of bunnies and lots of vegetables.
  • Leftover Gluten Free Veggie Pizza (from Uno's) I cut each slice with my Bunny Food Cutter
  • Large Cherry Tomato (fresh from the garden)
  • Spring Lettuce Mix
  • Gluten Free Turkey Sandwich (UDI's GF bread, mustard, turkey, lettuce, tomato, cut with bunny cutters)
  • Apple slices with cinnamon and flax (and one of my new apple food picks I used to eat the apples with)
  • Apple Rabbit
  • Baby Carrots
  • Blueberries
 Here is my Fiance's Lunch... I called it 'Apples Galore' but there really aren't many apples in it.... Oops.
  • Leftover Shrimp, Spinach, Goat cheese Pizza (from Uno's... also with cute Apple food picks)
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with Mozzarella)
  • Blueberries
  • Cherry Tomatoes (Disguised as mini apples using Leaf food picks)
  • Apple Rabbits
  • Spring Lettuce Mix (as decoration)
And now, I have a little review on the new Apple Themed Sauce Bottles I got. You can find more about them Here.
Yesterday I went out to eat with some friends, and I wanted to bring some Gluten Free soy sauce and teriyaki sauce with me. I love Thai Food, but some restaurants do not offer many gluten free options, so I decided to use my new bottles to see how they worked as well as have some gluten free sauce to put on my plain food...
The Apple Shaped Bottle was pretty hard to fill. I found that the opening on tip was the same size as the pipette, so I had to be very careful filling it with soy sauce so that the soy sauce didn't go everywhere. Because the pipette didn't fit nicely into the top of the bottle, it took me a long time in order to get the bottle half filled with soy sauce.
I accidentally deleted the picture of me filling the apple shaped sauce bottle... :(
The other Apple bottles were a bit easier to fill because the pipette fit right inside the sauce bottle... But The sauce I was using (Teriyaki) was a little too thick for the pipette to suck up. So it took me a while to fill this bottle half way with sauce. If I used this bottle for soy sauce it would have only taken me a few seconds to fill it all the way to the top.
So I love the shape of the apple Shaped Sauce Bottle More, but the apple Covered sauce Bottle was easier to fill using the pipette. The Apple Shaped Bottle was easier to squeeze the sauce out of though.
They were both pretty easy to clean, but if the sauces were thicker or oilier then it would be harder to clean them.
Because of the time it takes to fill the bottles, I will probably only use them for special occasions, or if I have more time to make bento. Though I might keep using them to bring my own gluten free sauces to restaurants with me. I put both bottles into a plastic bag and tossed it in my purse. Neither one of them leaked, and they were small enough that I didn't feel awkward using them at the restaurant.
Now I know why people fill their sauce bottles all at once, then just keep them in the refrigerator until they need to take one out and pop it into their bento box. That's a good idea if you often use soy sauce or other sauces with your bento.
Here are my Vegetable Fresh Rolls. The sauce on the bottom left is the Peanut sauce they came with... Super yummy, and I think it was gluten free because I feel fine today after eating it.
The next sauce is the teriyaki sauce I packed and brought.
and the last is the soy sauce I brought...
I also but my sauces on the order of rice I got as a side dish to my rolls.... though I think the rolls were enough food for me.
YUM! You can see my little Apple Themed Sauce Bottles in the corner of the picture. lol


  1. Love it! Showing the boys! BUNNIESSSSSSS!!!! <3