Monday, September 5, 2011

Cookbook and Apple Bento Accessories

My brother David's birthday party was yesterday and he gave me a birthday present. I know, he gave ME a present on HIS birthday. Such a sweetie. We haven't seen each other in months, so It was great to see him again! But anyway, back to the birthday present. He gave me a bento cookbook and a bunch of cute Apple Themed bento accessories! The first thing I thought when I saw them was that my fiance would love them. She loves Apples, and I can't wait to make apple bentos using these cute accessories. I'm so excited to share them with you!!!!!
First I want to show you the box my present came in.
This is after I opened it up and pulled everything out... then I realized I should have taken a picture before ripping it open... I couldn't help it, I was excited!
I managed to put it back together, albeit a bit sloppy, but pretty nonetheless.
Here are the super cute bento accessories he gave me! I love the Apple Theme, perfect timing for all the fall themed bentos I'll be making this Autumn... I can't wait to go apple picking and make apple rabbits....
These sets come from the Lunch&Party Collection designed by Shinzi Katoh.
My personal favorite are these Apple Shaped Sauce Bottles... complete with little Smiley Faces, Leaf Caps, and an Apple pipette.
  Even the pipette has a smile on it! A pipette is what you use to get the sauce into the bottles. You gently squeeze the pipette while the end is submerged in the liquid sauce of your choice, the sauce will travel up into the rounded end of the pipette, then you can gently squeeze the sauce into the top of the apple shaped bottles. These are great for bringing soy sauce or other thin sauces in your bento box... and it adds a cute and decorative factor as well.
The package comes with
  • 4 Smiling Apple Sauce Bottles with Leaf Caps
  • 1 Apple shaped Pipette
Next is a different kind of Apple Themed Sauce Bottle, also with an Apple Pipette!
I don't know if you can see the faces in this picture, but each bottle has a different face. :) Soooo cute! These bottles look like they would be better for holding something like a thin (oil based) salad dressing.
This package comes with:
  • 1 Apple Shaped Pipette
  • 2 Green Apple Bottles (1 ^_^ and 1 v_v)
  • 2 Red Apple Bottles (1 :) and 1 *o*)
Sorry.... I'm not that good at using emoticons.... so I did my best!
 And last, but not least are the cute Apple People Food Picks!
These Food Picks will be great for adding a cute factor to any bento lunch, and they can be used to pick up small foods.
There are 4 different faces (2 picks of each)... let me try to do my emoticons again to show you.
  • 2 *o* faced picks
  • 2 v_v faced picks
  • 2 ^_^ faced picks
  • 2 :) faced picks
These cute bento accessories came from a store called essentials you should check it out!

Next comes the cook book. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I've looked through it and took a few pictures to show you! I'll be making a few recipes from this book, so stay tuned for more info on it.
The cookbook is called Cute Yummy Time 70 recipes for the cutest food you'll ever eat by La Carmina.

Little Lam Chai Muffins
Hot Dog Croc
Mouse Macaroni And Cheese
Panda Tofu Soba
Citrus Salmon Bunnies
Panda Shrimp Rice

These are super cute recipes that I can't wait to read more about. There are plenty of yummy and cute recipes, and from what I looked at they are very healthy as well!

And now I must be on my way, Some friends and I are going out for some Thai food and I'm going to use some of my new sauce bottles to bring some Gluten Free Soy Sauce and Teriyaki sauce with me!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. All so cute! Love the step by step pictures! :-) The book is my favorite; I can't WAIT to see you make some of those! :-) YAY!

  2. Thanks Julie. I want to make the oatmeal fox!!! It's so cute, and I could make that for breakfast bento soon.

  3. AH! Oatmeal fox would be soooo cute! X-D!

  4. I can't read the brand on the packaging- do you remember who made the apple accessories? They are perfect for something I have in mind…!