Monday, July 16, 2012

Tea Party Bridal Shower Bento

This bento is packed with leftovers from my and my fiance's Bridal Shower Tea Party. My mom made a ton of delicious sandwiches and breads (all gluten free) and I brought some of the leftovers home.
My fiance was in the mood for the leftovers today, so I placed some of them into a bento box and made a cute little Tea Party Bento for her.
Check it out:
 This isn't even all of the yummy foods we had, just some of the sandwiches, dip, bread, and fruit. We also had a few yummy salads, and tons of yummy cookies and cake.
 YUM! I'll tell you what is in each compartment.
  • Blueberry Bread (Homemade Gluten Free)
  • Fruit Salad (Pineapple, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Cantaloupe, Kiwi, Grapes)
  • Cucumber Sandwich (Homemade GF Bread, Cream Cheese, Cucumber)
  • Salmon Sandwich (GF Bread, Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon)
  • Ham & Swiss Sandwiches (Udi's GF Millet & Chia Bread, Spicy Mustard, Rosemary Ham, Swiss Cheese)
Now this may be the most unusual part, but everyone LOVED it!
  • BLT Cheesecake [Dip] (Savory Cheesecake with Bacon, Green Onion, Tomato, GF crumb crust w/Parmesan cheese, gf cracker crumbs, and butter)
  • Nut thins Crackers (GF Hazelnut Crackers)

I thank my mom for putting together a delicious spread of Tea Sandwiches, Salads, Dip, Cookies, and Cake all Gluten Free ad delicious. My friends didn't know it was gluten free until I told them. :)


  1. Love EVERYTHING! It was all soooo tasty! XD And the little crown, heart and scepter are wicked cute touches. ^_^