Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lifes a Beach... Bento

With summer in full swing, I thought I could make a Beach themed bento... actually I was eating breakfast and I thought my rice krispies looked like sand and as I munched on a blueberry I thought 'Hey I could easily make a beach themed bento using cereal as the sand and blueberries as the water.' So that is exactly what I did.
I rummaged though my kitchen and gathered a few other items that I could add to make it more 'beachy' and here is what I came up with.
It looks more like 'Dawn on the Beach' because of how dark the picture is and how there is a slight shadow over the sand. If you have never been to the beach to watch the sun come up I strongly recommend it. So beautiful and peaceful. And the only people you'll likely come across are locals exercising or walking their dogs. (Make sure to bring a blanket! It can get very chilly at the beach without the sun glaring).
  • Sand (1/2 Cup GF Brown Rice Krispies)
  • Water (20 Blueberries)
  • Surf Spray (1 tsp Fat Free Whipped Cream)
  • Lost Beach Ball (Cherry w/ Whipped cream)
  • Shells (3 Pistachio Nuts)
  • Rocks (4 Plum Amazins)
  • Dried Coral (2 Walnut Halves)
I added the yellow spoon not only because it has a fish on it, but also to act like the 'Sun'.