Saturday, July 14, 2012

Healthy Snack Box Bento

This snack bento is filled to the brim with healthy snacks. Some are store bought, some are homemade, and some are right out of Nature...
I designed/packed this bento to be easily accessible for snacking throughout the day.
  • Orange Slices
  • Black Plum
  • Applesauce Cakes (My own recipe. Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan, low calorie, high fiber, Delicious!)
  • Organic Mighty Mix from NatureBox (I was one of the winners of the 'Guess How Many Almonds' Game)
  • Snyder's Garden Veggie Sticks
I am so happy to have won a delicious snack from NatureBox. I picked the Organic Mighty Mix because it sounded so yummy, and I love Trail Mixes. Yummy Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Fruits without any added sugars or preservatives. It's filled with satisfying flavor and fiber, and I can't wait to see what else NatureBox sends out! To find out more about NatureBox and to order your own box of Healthy Snacks visit their Website at NatureBox

Now to talk abut these delicious Applesauce Cakes. While I was mixing the batter it was really dry (more like a dough then a cake batter) so I added more applesauce. And then I thought I made a mistake because it took much longer to bake then I was expecting, and they were still very moist when I finally took them out of the oven. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. They are so moist and delicious, and the apple flavor is much stronger because of the added applesauce. MMM, I definitely want to make these again! I hope to tweak the recipe a tiny bit and maybe share the recipe here!


  1. It's a very beautiful and compact looking snack box, it's a lot healthy too. If you want to try new food items to put in you snack box then try Brake Food. Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work!!