Sunday, March 4, 2012

Salmon Onigiri Bentos

After (over) 20 years of avoiding all seafood, I have been trying to start eating it. I remember eating fish when I was really young, but then I developed a severe aversion to all things seafood. So severe that the smell of any seafood would make me physically sick. But the past year or so I have worked on the aversion, and I slowly got better with the sight and smell of seafood, and in the past few months I have started trying small pieces of fish.
Although I have made progress, I still have not got to the point where I can sit down and eat seafood without thinking.
Anyway, My fiance (a seafood lover) made Salmon for dinner Friday night, and I tried a small bite... But then Saturday I felt inclined to make Onigiri, and I decided to make Salmon Onigiri with the leftover Salmon. This was a big step for me because It was the first time I ever prepared anything with seafood in it. I even shredded the salmon with my (clean) fingers and ate a bite without even thinking about it.
Sorry if that was a lot of random information about me, but it was a very huge step for me, and I really wanted to write about it.
Now, On to the Bentos!
 This is my fiance's bento, With Lot's of Salmon! Packed in my onigiri bento box. I don't use it very often because I haven't made onigiri very often... but since I'm in the mood for onigiri you might see this box more.
  • 2 Salmon Filled Onigiri (I placed a little of the salmon on top of the onigiri but when I packed the box some of it spilled out... oops!)
  • Salmon
  • Spinach Tamagoyaki
 Here is my Bento Box... it was a lot of food considering all the rice, but I ended up giving the salmon onigiri to a hungry friend.
  • 2 Mixed Veggie Onigiri
  • 1 Salmon Onigiri (I mixed the salmon with the rice instead of stuffing it)
  • Clementine
  • Spinach Tamagoyaki
I accidentally made too much rice, so I ended up making a lot of onigiri. Luckily we were able to share them with our friends.
  • 2 Salmon Stuffed Onigiri
  • 3 Salmon Onigiri (Salmon mixed in)
  • 1 Mixed Vegetable Onigiri


  1. It's awesome that you're trying new things, and the onigiri came out so cute! <3! Love it! :-)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad I've been trying new things :)

  2. The onigiri looks really good! All the best, hope you will enjoy seafood. I dun really like fish, but I like seafood. My family loves fish, so I usually just cook for them. :)

    1. Thank you. I love onigiri, and I thinks it's a good way for me to try eating fish.

  3. I love onigiri and yours look wonderful! I think I will try that mixed veggie one next time...they look beautiful with the green and yellow peeking through! Yep, that's going in the trick book for me!

    1. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing your mixed veggie onigiri.