Monday, March 19, 2012

I Won A Bento Giveaway!

Last Month I entered a Bento Giveaway on Bento Monsters Blog and I won! (Giveaway information here and here) I have been eagerly awaiting my package to arrive in the mail, and today, just as I was finishing my breakfast there was a knock on the door. The package came in the mail! YAY! I was so excited it took all of my strength not to jump up and down in front of the post man. But once the door was closed I excitedly ran into the living room and grabbed my camera to take lots of pictures!
 Look at all the amazing goodies I got! I am so excited to make bentos with these cute bento accessories.
First up is the super cute Piggy Bento Box. I Love Pigs! Pigs have been my favorite animal since I was a baby, and I am so excited to have this super cute piggy bento box.
 I just love the face. So cute.
This bento box is a one tier bento with a divider and a set of chopsticks.
  • Microwaveable (without lid)
  • Set of White Chopsticks on Inner Lid
  • Inner Lid is Tight Fitting to keep foods contained
  • The Bento has a 330 ml capacity
  • White Bento Belt included
 Next is the Cute Zoo Animal Food Picks!
They are soo cute! These picks are 2 and 4 pronged picks that are perfect for picking up small foods in the bento. The giraffe is the perfect size to use as a small form to eat foods from the bento box.
  • 2 Pink Dogs
  • 2 Blue Bears
  • 2 Green Monkeys
  • 2 Yellow Cats
  • 2 Orange Giraffes 
Next are the Jewel Tone Food Picks. This set of twenty is a mix of colors and shapes, and will be perfect for adding a small detail to a bento. I look forward to using the bows and the crown to turn a hard boiled egg into a person.
  • 2 Pink Bows, 1 Orange Bow, 1 Yellow Bow, 1 Green Bow
  • 1 Orange Crown
  • 2 Orange Flowers, 2 Green Flowers
  • 1 Pink Diamond, 3 Yellow Diamonds, 1 Green Diamond
  • 2 Pink Hearts, 1 Orange Heart, 1 Yellow Heart, 1 Green Heart
These picks are so cool, and very unique. At first glace they look like Japanese Desserts, but if you look at them again they have little animal faces on them. Besides the super cute piggy bento box, these picks are my favorite out of the whole giveaway.
 Can you see the cute little faces? There is a Pig, a Bear, a Tiger, and a Cat.
  • 2 Pig/Hanami Dango. (Dango are Japanese dumplings made from rice flower. Bocchan dango: Dango that has three colors. One is colored by red beans, the second by eggs, and the third by green tea. Hanami Dango is three color dango eaten during Hanami/Sakura flower viewing)
  • 2 Tiger/Cupcake
  • 2 Bear/Flan (Flan is a custard with a soft caramel sauce on top made from sugar, eggs, and milk)
  • 2 Cat/Ice cream
Next up are the Side Dish Partition Cups. These are also unique because they can be uses a both a baran (something placed between foods to keep them separated) or a food cup. I will most likely use these as baran, but I may also try them out as a side dish cup once and a while. There are instructions on the back of the package that show you how to turn it into a cup. 1. Pinch the top lightly. 2. Open into a cup shape. 3. Place a small amount of food inside.
These are so cute, and I want to be able to use them more then once, so I probably won't use them as cups very often because that would be more difficult to clean.
There are 12 Baran/Cups in the package and there are many different colors and animals shown on both the front and backs. Teal/Squirrel, Yellow/Lion, Peach/Bunny, Orange/Elephant, Pink/Cat, Blue/Dog, Lilac/Panda, Green/Pig, Lavender/Bear
And here are the Rice Ball wrappers. First you make a round onigiri and put it inside the bag, then fold up the end and close it with the included sticker. These are super cute, and I will be using these for special bentos since they aren't reusable. I'll have to plan a special onigiri bento to use these in. And they are so cute. This is a set of 6 different animals.
There is 1 Pig bag and sticker, 1 Bear bag and sticker, 1 Elephant bag and sticker, 1 Tiger bag and sticker, 1 Lion bag and sticker, and 1 Bunny bag and sticker.
Here is everything I got! It's a lot, and I am so happy with everything. I am so grateful that I won this giveaway. I am so happy I got some piggy bento accessories because I love pigs. And I am excited to use this all to make some amazing bento lunches!
Thank you Ming from Bento Monsters!

Check out the beautiful Bentos on Bento Monsters' Blog. Ming makes wonderful charaban bentos for her two boys. Look for them Here!


  1. very cool. you'll make lots of cute lunches!

  2. HEEE! So many shinies! I can't wait to see what you make! *bouncy!*

  3. O.o That is the CUTEST bento box. And the CUTEST picks. OMG.
    And you are SOOOOOO cute for wanting to jump up and down in front of the postman. I can just see you struggling. =P Cutie.

    1. XD I was struggling not to say "Yessss My Bento Stuff!!!" When he knocked on the door.

  4. I'm so thrilled you won! Cant wait to see what you come up with!! And that pink piggy is too cute! I just love Ming!! She's my bento skill goal, but you're not too shabby either! Lol

    1. Thank you. I really love making bento, and I wish all my bentos could be as fabulous as Ming's. And I really love your bentos as well! Always so pretty, and I love that you pack some really yummy and healthy foods as well.
      I hope with more practice and time I will become a bento master of sorts. lol

  5. Tks for doing a post on it, and I'm very happy the stuff found a good owner. :)