Monday, March 5, 2012

Presents from Japan

There is nothing like coming home to a package in the mail for you. A package from a dear friend you haven't seen in a long time, and you miss greatly.
Today, my fiance and I came home from grocery shopping and was greeted by a cardboard box with our names on it.
Our friend Alysse (who is teaching English in Japan), sent us a lovely present... and it had perfect timing. I was having a crappy weekend, but this surprise was such a lovely gesture that it really helped brighten up my day.
Here are the presents and the lovely postcard. I love the red wrapping paper.
 Inside the lovely wrapped box is a super cute Chocolate Sheep! Made with Milk Chocolate, and decorated with White and Dark Chocolate. This cute chocolate sheep was Made in Belgium. I look forward to sharing it with my fiance.
 In the flower patterned bag were lots of cute gifts including:
  • 2 Gold Origami Cranes 
  • 2 Buta-chan (means little piggy)
  • Panda Picks
(Sorry about the blurry picture) I can't wait to use these super cute Panda picks in my bentos! I'm so excited! These picks come in 4 different poses and 2 different lengths. These cute little Pandas will decorate my bentos perfectly.
Thank you so much Alysse. I am so grateful to have a thoughtful friend like you, who has great timing. lol
We love our presents, Thank you! XD


  1. Aaaah! They're so cute! X-D I love them and can't wait to see what you make with them! And loooove the piggies! Good job, Alysse! ^_^