Monday, April 18, 2011

Which Came First...

.....The Chicken Pot sticker or the Hard Boiled Egg?
I'm starting my Easter/Spring/Bunny themes Bentos this week. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and my fiance's family celebrates Easter on that day, so we have lots of hard boiled eggs. My fiance and I dyed eggs with the kids, and now we have a dozen eggs to go through this week. So expect to see them in everything. lol
This one is my pride a joy, a Rainbow Striped egg. I messed up on the stripes a little, but it was fun making it anyway.

I also made a breakfast bento today. It's more of the same, because I eat very similar breakfasts every day.
  • Yoplait Very Vanilla light yogurt
  • Heart shaped flax seed
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Newman's Own Cinnamon fiber flakes
And finally our lunch bentos
My fiance's bento and my bento are the same, but look a little bit different.
  • Chicken Potstickers
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Spinach
  • Cantaloupe
  • Strawberry
  • Flower cutout Babybel
  • Annie's Chocolate and Cinnamon Bunny Grahams
  • Green Peep


  1. Very colorful! Have you seen the new peeps with the bottoms dipped in dark chocolate? I think I'd like to give them a try!

  2. Your bento is getting better and better and that rainbow Easter egg is just awesome :D)!

  3. David, I haven't seen those dark chocolate dipped peeps yet. I've seen the chocolate covered ones in the store, but I don't think I'll be trying them anytime soon.

    Cooking Gallery, Thank you. I feel like I learn a bit more with each bento I make. Hopefully one day I'll be as good as you with your amazing picnic bentos.

  4. I love your rainbow Easter Egg! How did u do that? As we don't really celebrate Easter day in Singapore, I'm not gd at all these colorings.. it's only when I start blogging recently, in Feb, then I learned all these and I'm having fun! :D

  5. Hello ღᏓуռ էяɨռɨאღ, It takes a lot of patience to make the striped egg, First I died the entire egg yellow. Then I set it aside to dry. Then when it was dry I dipped one side in orange and held it there until I got the desired color, then I set it aside to dry again, Next I dipped the end into red and held it there until it was the desired color. Then it dried again, I did the other side the same way using green, then blue, and finishing off with purple.

  6. I am *LOVING* your rainbow egg!!! Thanks for linking up!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network