Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dart Food Picks

Yesterday was my birthday and my friend Julie gave me some awesome food picks shaped like Darts. These will be perfect for using in bento!
 Aren't they awesome?
I have seen these in the store for a while, and I have been wanting them, but I just couldn't justify buying them for myself, so I ended up just looking at them every time I went into that store and picking them up before putting them back down. But now I don't have to do that anymore. lol
 There are 12 picks in the package.
  • 6 Black Darts
  • 6 Red Darts
 Here they are after I opened the package.
I can't wait to try these out. I am planning on making a Dartboard sandwich and adding a few of these to the bento box. They would also be perfect for a game themed bento. I'm so excited!!! Oh I could also try making an archery bento since the darts look a little like arrows. I could attach some triangle shaped food on the end to look like an arrowhead.
 Who's up for a Game? lol

I also got these really cool Color Flame Candles from Julie.
 They are birthday candles that are oil instead of wax, and the oil burns with different colors. They are reusable and the package says that they burn for 7 minutes. So in theory these could last a very long time if you use them for birthday candles,and birthday candles don't stay lit for very long. I'd say, if kept in good condition, I could use these for the next 7-14 birthdays. And if I only use one candle at a time then I could have them for the next 35-70 birthdays! lol
  • 1 Yellow Flame yellow candle
  • 1 Green Flame green candle
  • 1 Purple Flame purple candle
  • 1 Blue Flame blue candle
  • 1 Pink Flame pink candle
And here is the great box they came in!
Thank you so much Julie! :)


  1. HEE! <3! So glad you liked them! ^_^ I was hoarding those in wait for your birthday for a little bit. :-P They're super nifty! It actually occurred to me today that Leslie likes eating with toothpicks, and I was explaining the concept of food picks to her today, and talking about your bentos. I think tomorrow I'm going to take her to HMart or something and buy her some cheap ones. Maybe get her others on occasion. Definitely going to show her some bento pics from your blog while she's over tomorrow! <3!!! Happy Birthday!

    1. YAY! That's so cute. I hope she likes my bentos!

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