Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zoo Picks

My friend gave me some super cute Animal Picks for my Birthday.
These picks are a real zoo! lol
 Aren't they cute? I just love them! Too bad I didn't have the lion picks when I made my Lion Bento.
 There are 10 Animal picks in the package, and 2 of each;
  • Green Bunny
  • Yellow & Brown Lion
  • Blue Elephant
  • Pink Frog
  • Black & White Panda
 Sorry my camera is so blurry.
Here they are all spread out. I especially love the Elephants and the Lions. I will have to make a Zoo Bento using these picks and my other animal picks including the Giraffes and Monkeys.
They just had a bath! lol

Thank you Julie for these super cute picks. I can't wait to make something cute with them! :)


  1. HEE! You're welcome! ^_^ Leslie loved her matching ones, too! I have to keep getting her more now! :-P I find the froggies especially polite looking, somehow! But they're all adorable, and I'd LOVE to see a zoo bento!