Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Flower Breakfast Bento

The weather has heated up nicely, and we have a lot of flowers blooming in our area, so I decided to make a flowery bento for breakfast. I added in a bit more of the sweet stuff then I should have, but it was very yummy, and it's not everyday that I eat such sweet things.
Yesterday I stumbled onto a little Gluten Free Grocery Store, and naturally I had to go in and get some snacks! lol
I ended up getting 2 kinds of GF Cookies (Animal Crackers, and S'mores) and a GF Carrot Cake Muffin. YUM! Carrot Cake is my favorite! My fiance (although not gluten intolerant) bought GF Snickerdoodles... because those are her favorite.

Anyway, Here is my Sweet Flower Bento!
  • 2oz Chobani Fat-Free Vanilla Greek Yogurt ('Flower coming out of the Snow')
  • 1/2 GF Carrot Cake Muffin ('Flower coming out of the Snow and Dirt')
  • 2 Honeydew Melon Cubes ('New Grass')
  • 10 Blueberries ('Field of Wild Flowers')
  • 2 Strawberries (Chopped for the 'field of Wild Flowers'/Flower Cutouts)
  • 1 Package GF S'more Cookies (Mi-Del chocolate graham cookies w/ marshmallows 'Fresh Dirt for the flowers')
Usually when I see those yogurt parfaits with candy pieces or cookie crumbs at the grocery store, I turn my nose up at them. It seems counterproductive to toss something unhealthy on top of yogurt (Although most yogurts are so sweetened its like eating a candy bar anyway). But Today I dipped 2 of the S'more cookies into the Greek yogurt and it was very yummy. I am not going to let this become an everyday breakfast occurrence, but I might eat it that way as a healthier dessert option once and a while.
I ate the rest of the yogurt with the fruit and I put most of the cookies back in the package to enjoy as a snack later. This really was a sweet breakfast, and I don't think I could handle something like that very often. Nor do I think anyone should be eating sweets for breakfast either.
I will eat the other half of the carrot cake muffin as a dessert later in the day. It is much more of a dessert item then a breakfast item anyway. It was sweet and topped with cream cheese frosting. They should have been sold as cupcakes instead of muffins.


  1. Sorry it was too sweet, but it looks so cute and pretty! Very colorful and friendly looking. :-) And YAY GF grocery store!

    1. It wasn't really too sweet, Just too sweet for breakfast. It was perfect for a snack or a dessert though.

      I want to go back to that store and stock up on stuff. There was a bunch of stuff in the freezer that I wanted to buy, but we'd have to bring a cooler to pack it in, then bring it straight home.