Friday, August 10, 2012

New Bento Cookbook

I was browsing a local bookstore when I came across a Bento Cookbook that I haven't seen before. I flipped through it and each recipe and beautiful picture made me want it even more. I just had to have it. So I bought it and put it aside to take pictures and blog about. But my life got super busy with work, and visiting family, and car trouble, and a friend coming home from Japan, etc. So I didn't have a chance take pictures of this awesome cookbook until now.
Ten-Minute Bento 
Megumi Fujii
What caught my eye about this cookbook (besides the word Bento lol) was the fact that it boasts Ten-Minute Bento! Now I have been super busy lately, and I haven't been making as many bentos because of my lack of time, so this cookbook sounded like just what I needed.

As I flipped through the pictures of yummy yet simple looking bentos, I just knew I couldn't wait to try out these recipes.
 Mushroom Stuffed Hamburger Bento
The first recipe that caught my eye was the yummy looking mushroom stuffed hamburger bento. It looks so simple, but it sounds yummy and filling. There isn't much in the way of vegetables in this bento, and it is filled with rice, But that is an easy fix for me. I could just mix half the amount of rice with some mixed vegetables or cooked spinach, and that solves that problem.

 Chicken Teriyaki Bento
I love how simple these bentos are, but they are still pretty. It just goes to show you that you don't need to make a kyaraben bento to make an attractive and appetizing meal.
 Sliced Pork Cutlet Bento
I am impressed with the presentation of these bentos, and refreshed with how simple they are.
Saifun Salad Bento
Most of the bentos had rice as a base but this one used cellophane noodles (like rice noodles). And other bentos had pasta or green salads as their base.
 French Toast Salad
This one caught my eye because I never thought to eat french toast with a salad before (this is a savory cheese french toast). I also liked that it showed an alternate container to pack the bento in. This is a recycled plastic container.
 Avocado Bagel Bento
I'm including this bento because the recipe looks so good, and also because it is a simple sandwich with some fruit on the side. I know I keep saying the word simple, but what could be more simple then this? I can't wait to try this sandwich.
Beef, Asparagus and Namul-Style Fiddlehead Fearns Bento
I included this bento to show that not all of the bento recipes in this cookbook are simple sandwiches and salads. This recipe seemed more fancy and the presentation looked nicer than a through together salad/sandwich. Also, some of the recipes use ingredients that may not be common to you, such as the fiddlehead ferns in this recipe.

I am looking forward to trying some of these recipes soon! :)


  1. this cookbook looks like something I would like to try! I'll have to check it out : )

  2. Thank you so much for posting pictures of this book :) I was thinking of buying this book, but I wanted to know if it was any good. But now I'm sure :D
    Thanks again