Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hear-ty Veggie Burger Bento

This veggie burger is not only hardy, it's heart-y as well. lol

Yesterday we my fiance and my bachelorette party, so today we are taking it easy and relaxing as much as possible. I made us simple bentos for late lunch early dinner, and I packed myself a veggie burger and bean salad and decorated it with lots of hearts! I must be in the lovey mood because I was looking for more hearts I could add to the bento, but I made myself stop... lol
  • Mini Sour Cream & Onion Rice Cakes
  • Bean Salad (in Heart cup with 3 heart picks)
  • Veggie Burger (with the works. See below)
I took a Udi's GF bun and I scooped out the inside of the bun so there was a nice big cavern to work with, and so I could save a few calories. (I threw the bread filling to the birds). While I toasted/cooked the GF Veggie Burger in the toaster oven I filled the bun with whole grain mustard/Relish/BBQ Sauce mix, Tomato, Onion, and Lettuce. I also used a large heart cookie cutter and cut out a heart from a lettuce leaf. I cut a smaller heart from a slice of tomato using a smaller heart cutter.

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