Saturday, May 5, 2012

Walk for Hunger Bento

This Sunday May 6th, I am going to be doing the 20 mile Walk for Hunger in Boston. Since I signed up for it kind of late, I have been struggling to get some sponsors, so I was inspired to make a bento to help spread the awareness of the cause.
  • Sneaker (Udi's GF Omega Fiber & Flax Bread, Shredded Carrot, Cheese and Foodsafe Marker 'walk')
  • Grass (Spinach)
  • Gravel (Pistachio Nuts)
  • Sky (Blueberries)
  • Sun (Cutie Clementine)
Why am I walking? Because hungry families need our help! Food insecurity continues to rise in Massachusetts with over 700,000 people struggling to put healthy food on the table ? that is 10.8% of our neighbors that need our help right here in our own backyard.

The money I raise by walking part or all of the entire 20-mile route will help Project Bread fund hunger relief and prevention through 450 emergency programs, schools, community health centers, farmers' markets, community suppers, home care organizations, and other programs that protect the individual and strengthen our community's food security. Last year alone, programs funded with money from the Walk were able to provide 65.2 million meals to hungry people.

Please sponsor my Walk to help me make a difference and reach my fundraising goal. Thank you for your support!

Together we CAN make a difference, protect the individual, and strengthen our community!

Please Make A Donation. Every Dollar Helps. You can Sponsor me Here .
Thank you so much!
*Online Donations can be collected through May 31st!*


  1. That's so cute and clever! And good luck with the walk! <3!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm looking forward to it!