Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yellow Bento

I made an Orange bento earlier, and I decided I want to make every color bento I can. I was having omelets for dinner the other night and I had just bought some pineapple at the store, the it was the best time to make a Yellow themed Bento.

I didn't want Yellow to be the only color showing, so I decided to make an egg sheet and cut stars out of it to lay over sauteed vegetables instead of hiding all the beautiful colors of the vegetables in the egg.
  • Yellow Pineapple (With a Yellow finger pick)
  • Yellow/Green and Purple Grapes
  • Yellow Applesauce (Yellow spoon)
  • Brown Cinnamon stripes
  • Yellow Egg Sheet Stars
  • Red cherry tomato, Green spinach and bell pepper, Purple onion, Brown mushroom (Yellow fork and doggy pick)
As with the Orange bento I wanted to still have a variety of color, texture, and flavor but have Yellow be the main color. I will be making other color bentos as well. Green and Red definitely. Possibly White and Brown. I do not know if I'll be able to make Purple or Blue... maybe a combination of Blue and Purple.


  1. Super pretty! ...Now I want eggs and fruit. Not necessarily together.

  2. LOL Julie. Now I'm thinking about a fruit omelet. eww. lol

  3. Your yellow egg sheet stars look great!