Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snack Bento with Soup

I have been waking up at night with really dry eyes/nose/mouth, and it's been making me miss sleep and it's making my throat get scratchy. My fiance and I bought a Humidifier for our bedroom, and we tried it out last night, but I still woke up twice with dryness... But only twice instead of 4 or 5 times. So hopefully tonight will be even better... But anyway, because I had a scratchy throat I felt like having som soup for lunch, so here is a snack bento I made to go along with my soup.
  • 4 Blueberries
  • Apple Chunks (About 1/2 a Med Apple)
  • 100 Calorie Raw Almonds
  • 7 Multi-grain Crackers (Cracked Pepper and Herb)
  • Clementine Segments (This is about 2/3 a Med Clementine... I ate some of it while making the bento)
I made myself Thai Kitchen Spring Onion Soup. I didn't want so much sodium so I made the soup with twice as much water, then I cut the portions in half so I have two bowls of soup (I only ate one bowl today) but it's half the calories and half the sodium.
I used my bento soup spoons and cute chopsticks to eat my soup with. :)