Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kat's Bento Love Calendar

Some of you might remember me talking about a special surprise sometime in December. Well Here it is. I made a few people Calendars featuring pictures of some of my favorite Bentos.
I took pictures of the calendar so I could share them with you.
 Cover Page
So what do you think? It didn't come out as good as I was planning. I had it all planned on the computer, but when I went to the store to order it there were some problems, and I had to redo it all with different backgrounds and make it smaller. But I'm still happy I made them.


  1. And I love iiiiit! ^_^ Sittin' all pretty in my living room!

  2. Love the calendar,great idea. What company did you use to get it printed? Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much! :)
    lil Muppet-head, I went to Walgreen's and used their photo center, but there are a lot of places online that you can do it as well. I made it online, but decided last minute to use Walgreen's photo center instead. Maybe I would have been happier with the finished product if I did it online.