Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Crepes

Crêpes sans gluten de chocolat noir et fraises! Gluten Free Crepes with Dark Chocolate and Strawberries!
That's right, I made Gluten Free Crepes today! I have been meaning to try making crepes using my favorite gluten free pancake mix, and today I went for it.
 Here is the Dark Chocolate. I used Lindt 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate (The only Lindt chocolate I can eat because it's the only one that doesn't list Malt in the ingredients. Such a shame... I miss those chocolate Truffles.)
 Strawberries, I made two into Fans for garnish, and I sliced the rest of them for the filling. So yummy!
Here is the Gluten Free Crepe Batter. I sifted the mix so there weren't any lumps, then I added extra Almond Milk (I use almond milk instead of milk, and egg beaters instead of eggs). I let the Batter rest so the air bubbles could dissipate and make the batter smooth.
I sprayed my pan with a little Pam spray and I added the Batter. It was better to add the batter to the pan while the heat was off, so the batter could spread evenly, then cook on medium heat until no longer wet. It is almost impossible to flip these without breaking them (I made a huge mess of two crepes before deciding to not flip them at all), so I just cooked it on one side and slid the crepe onto the plate.

Excuse the mess. I messed up a little on the Cocoa Powder. But they tasted amazing so it doesn't matter.
Gluten Free Crepe filled with Dark Chocolate and Strawberries, garnished with Cocoa Powder, Powdered Sugar, Strawberry Slices, Fat Free Ricotta Cheese, and drizzled with Dark Chocolate.

 J'espère que vous avez aimé mon blog délicieux. Bon Appétit!


  1. Oooh chocolate crepe. Mmm! The chocolate banana ones weren't half bad considering I half to be in the mood for banana. Those look AWESOME, Kat! Mmmm! *Steals* >.>

  2. I was thinking of making a savery crepe next because Kellie asked me to make a steak and cheese crepe for hger. I actually said I should make you a grilled cheese crepe. lol

  3. I LOVED them! Sooooo tasty! They were AMAZING! And they look fantastic! Soooooo excited for steak and cheese!

  4. Thank you so much!!! Next time we buy shaved steak I'll try to make steak and cheese crepes.

  5. yummy!!!!!!!!!!!
    lovely images.
    thanks for sharing

  6. Replies
    1. Enjoy Life makes a very good gfcf chocolate chip & other products! they are free of LOTS of allergens and taste wonderful! If I can find it in nowhere TX, I'm sure you can! :)
      link: http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/chocolate-for-baking/?cat=chocolate_for_baking

    2. Thank you, I'll look for them. I've had other things from the Enjoy Life brand, so maybe I can find the chocolate chips as well.

  7. Miam ! (Yummy in French). In France the february 2th, it's "Chandeleur", we make and eat crêpe all the day ;-) Thanks for this idea of gluten free crepe free !

    1. Ooh, that sounds like a very good day to me! If I have the time I might make another batch of GF crepes in February. :)