Friday, September 28, 2012

Vegetable Soup Bento

I'm home from my honeymoon and back to work. I made myself a hearty soup bento to have for lunch at work.
  • Garden Vegetable Soup (In my mini Crock Pot)
  • Crunchmaster Crackers (In the Piggy Container)
  • McIntosh Apple (We picked them on our Honeymoon)
  • Sobe Lifewater (flavored Vitamin beverage with 0 calories)
  • Black Cherry Seltzer
I love this crock pot. I just bring it to work with me and plug it in, and by the time lunch rolls around I have a steaming hot meal waiting for me. The soup was delicious and hearty, but work was busy so I didn't get a chance to finish my crackers until I left.


  1. Where did the mini crock pot come from? I can't think of anything else that would inspire major lunch envy in quite the same way!

    1. It was a gift from my mother. I believe she bought it from a department store and gave it to me because I complained that my work doesn't have a microwave so I can't have anything warm to eat.