Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Harvest Bento

We are now fully in the Harvest Season, and I have been feeling in the moon for warm hearty meals and delicious cinnamon spiked baked goods.
I haven't made a 'nice' bento in a while, and I didn't think I would have the chance to do it today because I was supposed to start working full time, but a mistake with the schedule made me have some free time in the morning, so I took the opportunity to make a bento.
I haven't been having inspiration for bentos at all lately, so I was floundering around with what I should make, but I finally just started making a bento and hoping for the best. This is what I came up with.
  • Pumpkin Mash (Roasted Pumpkin mashed with Herbs, Spices, and Garlic)
  • Happy Harvest (Spelled with fruit leather strips)
  • 2 Mini Apples (Picked on our Honeymoon in Maine)
  • Maple Leaf Gingerbread Spice Cookie (Enjoy Life gluten free cookie flattened and cut with a leaf food cutter)
  • Crunchmaster Crackers (Gluten Free Multigrain)
Here is another view of the bento with darker lighting


  1. WOW...the pumpkin mash looks amazing and I've got to pin it!

  2. Replies
    1. Let me see if I can remember it all.
      First I took a suger pumpkin and I peeled and cubed it. I saved the seeds to roast later.
      I sprayed a cookie sheet with nonstick spray and I spread the pumpkin in a single layer. Sprinkled with cracked pepper and a little bit of sea salt.
      I baked it at 375 for about an hour or until soft enough to mash.
      Remove from the oven and put into a large bowl and start mashing with a potato masher.
      sprinkle in some Mixed Herbs and Spices (I suggest salt free Italian Blend) and some dried minced garlic.
      Mash and stir until fully combined. Add some butter if desired, but I don't think it needs it.