Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweet Potato Latkes

I had some baked sweet potato leftover from last night's dinner so this morning I grated some up to make Sweet Potato Latkes for breakfast. And I served it with the Homemade Applesauce I made a couple of days ago. YUM! What a wonderful Autumn Breakfast. The Warm, Filling Sweet Potatoes paired with the Silky, Spicy, Sweet Cinnamon Applesauce. What better way is there to start off the day?
 Sweet Potato Latkes
  • 1 Small Sweet Potato Peeled (I used a baked sweet potato because that is what I had on hand. Unfortunately that made it a little mushier then I intended.)
  • 1/2 Tsp Onion Powder or 1/4-1/2 Small Onion (I didn't have any onion on hand, so I used the onion powder)
  • 1 Beaten Egg (or to keep it lower calorie and no cholesterol use 1/4 Cup Egg Beater like I did)
  • 1 Tbsp All Purpose Flour (I used All Purpose Gluten Free Flour)
  • 1/4-1/2 Tsp Freshly Ground Pepper
  • Dash Salt (to taste)
 1. Grate your sweet potato into a bowl. If you are using onion you can grate that into the bowl as well.
2. Add salt and pepper (and if you are using onion powder instead of grated onion, now is the time to add it). Lightly mix so the flavor is incorporated.

 3. Carefully mix in the egg beaters and flour until fully incorporated. Mine looks a bit mushy because I started with cooked sweet potato. If you use a raw sweet potato it shouldn't look mushy.
 4. Heat non-stick cooking spray in a pan and put about 1/3rd or 1/4th of your mixture into the heated pan. Flatten the mixture and cook on medium-high heat until golden brown.
 5. Carefully flip them and cook until the other side is golden brown and crispy.
 6. Rest on a paper towel to drain any extra oil, and Cook the rest of the mixture the same way until all the mixture is cooked.
  I made 3 large pancakes, but I could have made 4 medium pancakes and they would have been easier to flip. :)
 Place your Sweet Potato Latkes on a plate and serve with Homemade Applesauce. If you are a ketchup lover, then you could skip the applesauce and eat these with ketchup.
Oh, but the Applesauce really brings out the flavors of the sweet potato and the onion.  And Cinnamon is such a wonderful compliment to all the Autumn Flavors. YUM!