Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mini Crockpot

As some of you know already, my work does not have a microwave, so if I need to bring in lunch, I have to pack things that can be eaten cold. I don't know about you, but after a while I get sick of eating cold sandwiches and salads and I just crave a warm homemade meal.
Well this past weekend my mom bought me this portable mini crockpot that is can be plugged in anywhere, and I can pack food in, bring to work, and plug it in, and by the time lunch rolls around I have a hot delicious meal waiting for me. It's wonderful!
 It's so cute and little, yet it's large enough to pack a substantial meal, and possibly large enough to pack enough food for me and my fiance to share... especially if I also pack snacks or pack soup and two sandwiches.
 The cord wraps around the base and clips into place, and there is a sturdy handle so it is very convenient to cary to/from work as well as easy to put away in the kitchen cabinets.
 The inner container is removable for easy cleaning, and you can pack leftovers in the container in the refridgerator overnight, then in the morning pop it into the mini crockpot and be on your way.
The first meal I packed in my mini crockpot was leftovers from a dinner my mom made when I was visiting her house. Brown Rice and a Black Bean Chili made with tomatoes, black beans, Green Pepper, Onions, and lots of yummy spices.
I packed the leftovers the night before and placed it in the refrigerator. Then when I got up in the morning I placed the inner container into the crockpot and brought it to work with me. I plugged it in and by the time lunch rolled around the chili was steaming and ready to eat.
I love this crockpot, and I plan on using it a lot during the fall and winter. I also plan on bringing it on the honeymoon with me next week. What a great way to save money and eat healthy homemade meals on the honeymoon without having to do much cooking. :)