Sunday, August 5, 2012

Side-Dishes Bento

I was flipping through my Bento Cookbooks and I marked off some dishes I wanted to make, and I had the ingredients for... After a while I realized that all the foods I wanted to make were essentially side-dishes and fillers for bento. So I decided to make a bento of all side-dishes.

 It may be a bento made up of Side-dishes and bento fillers, but it was super delicious. I remember asking my mom if we could have a dinner made of side dishes, and I remember loving those dinners. I also remember asking for a school lunch made up of the sides (fruit, veggies and dip, snacks, and no sandwich) and those were the most fun lunches. That might be one of the reasons I love bento so much now!
  • Strawberry Fan
  • Raw Cashews
  • Raw Almonds
  • 1/2 Peach
  • Spinach Tamagoyaki (Omelet Roll)
  • Jyagatama/Potato Salad Balls (I used leftover Brussels Colcannon and added peas and Carrots before forming it into balls)
  • Sauteed Carrots (W/ Garlic, Cracked Pepper, and a Cucumber Heart on top)
  • Tomato Rose (Rose made out of tomato peel)

So there you have it, a Bento made with yummy side dishes and fillers... and you know what? I loved this bento. I often have trouble finding a main dish for my bentos unless I am using leftovers or making a sandwich, but maybe I'll just make more side-dish heavy bentos from now one because they are so yummy and easier to make.


  1. Side dishes are great. How many bento cookbooks do you have?

    1. I have 6 bento cookbooks. I am going to post a blog soon about the newest cookbook I bought.

  2. They may say the tamagoyaki is a side, but I think it's fine as a main, too. (I have to admit I'm partial to side dishes, myself.)

    1. True. I've used Tamagoyaki as a main dish before. Eggs are a protein source, and the main part of a meal tends to be a protein. :)