Friday, August 10, 2012

Gifts From Japan

My friend Alysse came home from teaching English in Japan. She's finally home!!! I was bummed that she would most likely miss my fiance and my wedding in September, but she came home early, so now she'll be there! I'm so happy.
She also brought us some awesome presents including something I can use to make some bentos. Possibly using my new cookbook Ten-Minute Bentos.
Sorry for the pictures being too dark/light. I really need a new camera.
 First up is the awesome silicone pot with cover that I can use in the microwave. I can use this to make myself bentos, or when I am making myself a vegetarian dinner while everyone else in the house is eating meat. Nice single serving size, and I can use it in the oven as well. So when I want to try out a new recipe that I am not sure how it'll taste, I can use this to make a small amount to taste before wasting all the ingredients on a large dinner.
 Here is the inside. The flexibility of the silicone pot makes it perfect for making a small loaf of gluten free bread or a small gluten free cake for myself that I can just pop out of the pot when it's done.
 This cute little piggy (buta chin) is a cover for microwaving food. This helps prevent splatters in the microwave, and the snout on the piggy face is open so steam can escape.
Oink Oink! It's soooooo cute! I just love pigs :)

 These are the awesome Katana Chopsticks with chopstick rest. The picture doesn't show it very well, but these are sparkly/glittery.
 I love the detail of the little Katana handles on these chopsticks.

 These are some Korean (She went to Korea before she came home) Black Ginseng Hard Candies and one lone Green Tea Hard Candy. I tried one of the Ginseng candies and I guess it must be an acquired taste. =P
 Here is the fan, I can't remember what she called it... Sorry my camera flash washed out some of the detail.
 And some cute cell phone charms. I don't know what Anime/Manga these are from, but I swear I've seen them before. If you know where they are from please let me know (if you are able to see them well enough with my bad camera pictures).
And the cute Kaleidoscope key chain! :) I sat there looking through it for a while before I remembered I was supposed to be visiting with my friend and not being distracted by shiny colors. lol

Thank you so much Alysse! I have missed you so much and I am so glad you are back! :)


  1. Are they from Sailor Moon?

    1. I don't think so. I've never seen it, but my fiance is a fan, so she'd recognize them.