Friday, December 16, 2011

Yogurt Breakfast Bento

It has been months since I had yogurt. I don't know why I stopped eating it. I must have eaten it so much in the summer that I was just burned out on yogurt. Anyway, I had a coupon for 10 yogurts, so I went to the store and got a bunch of the gluten free flavors.
I even made myself a pretty breakfast bento like I used to in the summer.
  • Pineapple (Large Chunks)
  • Rice Chex (GF Cereal)
  • Crunchy Flax (GF Cereal)
  • Plum Amazins (Chopped Prunes)
  • Red Raspberry Yogurt (Light and GF)
Here's how it looks without the heart cookie cutter. I always take two pictures, one with the cookie cutter and one without because I never know how the picture will turn out once I take the cookie cutter out. It looks pretty good this time, the cereal stayed in place nicely... but I prefer the picture with the cookie cutter in it because it adds a splash of red to the bento and it looks more like a heart.
A close up of the decorative yogurt. If you pack a bento like this, make sure to eat it right away or not put cereal into your yogurt until you are ready to eat. The cereal will get soggy otherwise. If you want to decorate your yogurt without making soggy cereal, dried or fresh fruit is a great way to be decorative and add more nutrients without soggy cereal or granola.


  1. You are very welcome. I love posting my blogs :)

  2. It looks so cute and colorful! I like how you post with the cutter and then without, too. ^_^

  3. I like to see what picture will look better for the blog. Sometimes the shape doesn't stay in place and then the picture looks cruddy.