Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Udi's Snickerdoodle Cookies Review

For those of you who don't know, I am Gluten Intolerant, so when I found out about a Udi's Giveaway, I entered as soon as I could. Udi's is a wonderful Brand that makes delicious Gluten free Baked Goods and I have come to love their products since I found them a few months ago.
Anyway, I was lucky enough to WIN one of the amazing packages that Udi's gave away, and I blogged all about it on my other Blog Kat's Book Of Shadows. Click the link to see all the amazing goodies I got in the package.
Anyway, one of the things in the package were Snickerdoodle Cookies.

If you don't know what Snickerdoodles are you are missing out, because they are super yummy cinnamon cookies that I have loved since my mom made them when I was a child. Unfortunately I can no longer eat my mother's recipe, but fortunately I got to try these Gluten Free Snickerdoodles from Udi's.
And they are AMAZING!!!!

I mean it! When I opened the package I was greeted with a burst of the delicious scent of cinnamon (one of my favorite smells). And then I picked up a cookie and I was excited to taste it. The cinnamon made my mouth water, but I managed to get a few pictures before I dug in. lol
Anyway, I was expecting a dry crumbly cookie because that is what most gluten free baked goods are... dry, crumbly, and dense. But I was sooooo Happily surprised to find out these cookies are wonderfully chewy and moist. YUM! I couldn't believe it.
I gave one to my fiance (Who's favorite cookies are Snickerdoodles) and she ate the whole thing in 2 seconds flat. Then, after proclaiming them to be soooooo gooooood, she asked for another. When I said we'd have one later she then said "I'm going to knock you out and steal all your Snickerdoodles." LOL, For someone who doesn't have to eat gluten free, that must be a good review. LOL (She was joking about knocking me out... but I'll have to keep an eye on my cookies less they go missing).
The other Amazing Goodies I won in my Gluten Free Holiday Kit. Check it out at


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  2. *GIGGLE!* Loooove your stories! ^_^ <3! Sounds tasty! YAY FOR YOUUUUU!

  3. Thank you Julie. I'm so happy that my blog gets read. It makes me feel so good that they aren't just being skimmed over by everyone and what I write is actually important to someone. Thank you for being such a wonderful blog reader! You really make blog writing worth it.