Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Burgerlicious Bento

Here is my fiance's bento lunch. I made animal Face Bentos today, and I made her a Grumpy Kitty because the hamburger bun looked a little like a grumpy kitty face. I made a piggy face burger for myself that you can find Here.
In the top tier there is Hamburger soup that my sister made:
  • Hamburger Soup (Ground Beef, Potatoes, Carrots, Beef Broth, tomatoes?)
  • Grumpy Kitty Burger (Whole Wheat Bun, Hamburger, Fresh Spinach, Cheese, Mustard, toothpick whiskers)
And here is a picture of both my piggy and her kitty burgers.
Next to the super happy smiling pig, the kitty looks extra grumpy or angry. lol


  1. Miaaaow! ...Maybe that kitty's getting neutered, too... LOL!

  2. lol, that would certainly make him grumpy!