Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bento Accessory Tote, Picks, and Pancake Pig

I'm so freaking excited about this. I know I'm silly, but this was such an awesome present to receive. When my friend came over last night she gave me some awesome presents including bento boxes, Picks, A Pig shaped Pancake Pan, and this tote for my Bento accessories.
It's SOOOO AWESOME!!!! But I'll get to that, first I'm going to talk about the Picks.
These are Finger Picks that you wear on your finger and have three prongs to pick up food and appetizers. She thought they would be perfect for bentos, and they are. They are a small size and more convenient and easier to use then chopsticks, and you don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty picking up any wet foods in your bento.
These Picks come in 12 colors, and they are made of a sturdy plastic that is easy to rinse and wipe clean.

Aren't they Pretty? And freaking awesome? I can't wait to try them out. I love that they come in so many colors so I can easily match them to my bentos, or add a little splash of color to an otherwise bland looking bento.
Next is the Piggy Pancake Pan. This is the perfect size for bentos, and can be used to make pancakes or eggs. I'm going to dye some batter pink and make pink pig pancakes.... maybe use mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
Here is the detail of the Piggy Face.  OINK!
And finally, this is the awesome tote that has removable walls so I can make the spaces longer or shorter to accommodate all types of bento accessories.
It's really much bigger then it looks, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fit everything, but I got most of it in. (Only a few things were left out because they were too big like my Quail egg molds. I also keep my Onigiri shaper with my Rice Cooker so that is not in this picture either.
It looks soooo pretty with everything packed inside it.
  • Picks (Leaves, Apple People, Bones, Umbrellas, Rings, Etc.)
  • Sauce Bottles (Pigs, Bottles, Apples, etc.)
  • Sauce Cups (Green, Pink, Blue, Etc.)
  • Egg Molds (Heart, Star, Bunny, Bear)
  • Baran/Dividers (Grass, Animals)
  • Food Cups (Hearts, Stars, Squares, Triangles, Gift Boxes, Half Circles, Etc.)
  • Chopsticks (Metal, Wooden, Plastic, Cases, Etc.)
  • Food Cutters (Letters, Numbers, Animals, Shapes, Etc.)
  • Wiener Shaper (Tulips, Mini Heart, Mini Star)
  • Utensils (Forks, Spoons, Finger Picks, Etc.)
  • Bento Bands (Black, Pink. I have others, but they are on Bento Boxes right now)
All of those accessories fit, but I look forward to getting more accessories and organizing them all again to make them all fit. I love doing that kind of stuff (I'm a little bit Obsessive Compulsive), and it makes me discover accessories that I haven't used in a while.


  1. Very beautiful things. Where you bought it?

  2. Lina, My friend gave them to me for Christmas. I am not sure where she bought them.

  3. *GIGGLE!* And your excitement made me so happy I found stuff! X-D! I hope you enjoy them and can't wait to see how you use them!
    Lina, the storage container was from Joann Fabrics, the piggy pan was from Bed Bath & Beyond, the finger picks were from Newbury Comics. ^_^