Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Bento Goodies

I got two super cute bento boxes for Christmas. My fiance gave me 2 really cute snack bento cups. One is a Piggy and One is a Black Cat. My Favorites!!!
 Anyway, these super cute bento cups are small (about 1/2 cup). That's perfect for a small dessert or side of apple sauce with a bigger bento. Or I could pack a single serving of nuts or dry fruit for a quick snack/pick me up.... or if I'm being naughty or it's a special occasion, I could pack some chocolate or candy.
The lids are very tight fitting, and waterproof... I could even pack some dip or sauce that would go well with a bigger bento. It would be so cute to pack some dipping sauce in one of these bentos to go along with some crudites or yogurt for fresh fruit to dip into it. Yum!