Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Apple Lovers Breakfast Bento

My fiance LOVES apple, so for Valentine's Day Breakfast I decided to make an Apple Lovers Breakfast with Cinnamon Apple Waffles Hearts, and Applesauce, and Apple Wings.
Check it out!
I made a Flying Heart, because my fiance makes my Heart Soar!
  • GF Cinnamon Apple Waffle Hearts
  • Maple Syrup (in the Pink Container)
  • Applesauce (in Heart Cup)
  • Apple Wings
I was in the middle of taking the picture of her breakfast when she walked in the door carrying a beautiful present for me.
 Aren't these Beautiful Roses? I love them!!!
This is the picture I took before my fiance came home, But after I unwrapped my beautiful roses I used the pink material they were wrapped in to make the picture look even more Valentine-y.


  1. Awww! I particularly love the winged heart! X-D Adorable! Wish I could have snagged those red heart picks for you! Grrr! Oh well; Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Aww thank you. Oh well. I'll find something else some day. But thank you anyway!

  2. This might be one of my favorites. :3 <3