Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teriyaki Steak Bento

I had saved some steak from last night's dinner, and today I chopped it up, mixed it in a frying pan with mixed vegetables and some teriyaki sauce. It was very yummy, and made the whole house smell good. I actually made too much, so we have enough for tomorrow too.
  • Cutie Mandarin Orange
  • Honeydew and Cantaloupe (Cut with flower cookie cutter, and used a Flower Stem pick)
  • My New Chopsticks
  • Steak and Mixed Vegetables Teriyaki
  • Garden Delight Pasta
  • Cherry Tomato with a Balloon pick
  • Spinach (under it all)
The melon was so fresh and sweet and juicy. I had eaten a ton of it while I was cutting it up... I just can't help myself when there is fresh melon. It's my favorite.
My fiance has the same thing, except no cutie and mac and cheese instead of garden pasta. She doesn't like citrus fruits very much.... except Pineapple. She LOVES pineapple. (I do too, so we sometimes have to fight over the last of it. lol) And she wanted the leftover Annie's Mac and Cheese.

Aren't the picks awesome? I can't wait to use them again. I also love my chopsticks (come with a clear case) They were the perfect fit in my hand, and I loved the texture. The tips of them were a bit rougher to help pick up foods. I love that!

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