Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rainbow Snack Bento

So Yesterday I made the Rainbow St. Paddy's Day Bento Lunches, But today I have a snack bento to show you. Thursdays are my busy day's so when I do have a chance to make bento it's usually only a snack.
Of Course it's all packed in my Green Bento Box
  • Red Strawberries
  • Orange Cantaloupe Cubes
  • Yellow Pineapple Chunks
  • Green Lime Jello Cubes
  • Blue Blueberries
  • Purple Grapes
This bento was made for me and my fiance to share as a snack. We also had the leftover Corned Beef, Red Potatoes and Carrots and Sauteed Cabbage that I made yesterday. It was the best Corned Beef Dinner I have ever eaten. SOOOO GOOD!!!
Who else like's to eat Corned Beef with mustard? I love it that way, but I've seen a few people raise eyebrows at me for eating it that way. I also put Ketchup on my Scrambled Eggs (A lot of people think that's crazy!).

Anyway. I hope Everyone had a
Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!
and I hope you all wore some green! If not, I wore enough for everyone. lol
Green From Head to Toe 
(Even my toenails were painted green, and I later put on my Green Sweatshirt)


  1. Love the rainbow! Audrey is always asking for rainbow lunches.

  2. Thank you! I love using fruit for Rainbow bentos because there are so many options and colors. Vegetables are great too. I try not to use a lot of food coloring, but sometimes I have to because Blue is a hard color to find naturally.