Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bento Accessories

I was going through my bento boxes and accessories and organizing them, So I thought I'd take some pictures to show everyone what I have in my collection so far.
First comes my Bento Cookbooks, All of them were gifts except for Bento Love. I bought that because I thought my fiance would like a lot of the food inside.
  • Yum-Yum Bento Box 
  • Bento Love
  • The Manga Cookbook
  • Kawaii Bento Boxes

Next comes my Bento Boxes.

                                                        The Sleeping Beauty Side Car. My first real bento box was a gift from one of my friends.
                                                        The Leaflet Tight Box is one I bought for myself to use. I like the size.
                                                        This Box I bought for my fiance. It's a lot larger so it can hold a satisfying meal, but lately I think it's a bit too big and I want to find a smaller box.
The Nesting Boxes are my newest set. A gift from my brother.

Now comes my accessories.
A collection of cups, mostly silicone and cupcake papers.
Molds, Onigiri molds. The Bunny and Bear egg molds were a gift from my brother, and the Star and Heart egg molds were a gift from my fiance for Valentine's day.
Small collection of cookie cutters. Shamrock, Pig, Dog, Sheep, and small hearts and flowers.
Chopsticks. The Metal ones were a gift from my best friend when he went to South Korea. The First and Aecond set are my fiance's and my primary set. The black and red sets are out backups. And the Shamrock set with case is brand new.
Sauce Cups and Bottles. I love the little cups, and the White Flower, Star, and Heart are scoops.
And Finally my Picks. I wish I had better picks, I'd use them more often if I had the cute ones. The Shamrocks and the Bunnies are new finds.

You can expect to see all the green and Shamrocks in my St. Patrick's Day Bentos. Green is one of my favorite colors, so I am getting really excited for it.


  1. Hi! I am totally loving those chopsticks! I just use the ones that come with my to-go sushi and/or my little plastic ones that came in a bento (hard to eat with, but fun!). I like your bento stash, too, and I know what you mean about the picks - - they add such cuteness. It's kinda like a nice outfit with just the right belt....or bracelet....or necklace... hehe =)

  2. Thank you April8114. I completely agree that the accessory makes the outfit, just like how the accessory makes the bento.