Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rolled PBJ Bento

Because everyone was busy tonight and I didn't have to make dinner, I made myself a bento!
Here is my super yummy dinner bento:
  • Unsweetened Natural Apple Sauce (Cinnamon Star)
  • Clementine Segments
  • PBJ Rolls (Gluten Free Teff Tortilla Wrap, Teddie Natural Chunky Peanut Butter with Flax, Red Raspberry Preserves)
  • 2 Sunsweet ones Prunes (Unwrapped)
  • Little Blue Penguin Spoon for the Apple Sauce
  • Annies Bunny Fruit Snacks (Berry Patch)
 And here it is after I took the cookie cutter star off the applesauce. I always take two pictures in case the star doesn't show up after I take the cutter off.

YUM! That Rolled PBJ was DELICIOUS! Just what I've been needing apparently. And it was a nice simple bento to make since I've busted my butt cleaning the house today and I think I might be coming down with a cold. So a simple bento is nice to have.