Monday, November 7, 2011

Gifts from Japan (Thank You)

My friend Alysse is currently living in Japan teaching English. So unfortunately she was unable to attend my fiance and my engagement party/ Handfasting (About Handfastings and Our Handfasting Ceremony). Anyway, today we got a package from her with wedding presents, and I wanted to share them on my blog!
Isn't everything so cute?!!!! Kawaii!
First up is the wonderful card she sent us. It is so cool because the picture is 3D. But this 3D is so realistic looking because it looks like everything is actually there instead of it just being a picture. Most 3D images I see in America are goofy looking, but this is just so well done.
You can see some of the detail in the picture I took, but it's nowhere nearly as impressive as it is in real life. If you go to this website here you can click on the cards and see the 3D-ness of them. You could also buy cards online, but most of the sight is in Japanese, and I did not see an English Translation button.

This is a Cookbook for Newlyweds. It's so pretty, but it's all in Japanese, so I'll just be looking over the pictures mostly. I did recognize some of the dishes so I will be able to look up the recipes online.
Everything looks so pretty and tasty.

Next are two Wedding Magazines. Both of these magazines are in Japanese as well, but there are a lot of beautiful pictures and I enjoyed looking through them. It made me want to go to a Japanese wedding, although I was surprised that most of the weddings looked very Westernized. There were a few more Traditional looking wedding pictures, but not much.

This is a beautiful Napkin and 2 Hashi (Chopsticks) from Kiyomisu Temple in Kyoto. Alysse wrote in her card to us that there is a shrine to the Love God on the temple grounds. :)
Inside the Napkin were two meiji Melty Kiss Chocolates. I read online that these candies are an indicator that Winter is coming because they are a seasonal treat. Also I read that the flavors change seasonally as well. It is like a square chocolate truffle that is creamy and melts in your mouth. I can't wait to try one. I looked online for nutrition information, and after searching for a while I think they are gluten free... but I am not sure about it. I might just risk it anyway to try it.
Next are the Hashi and the carrying case they were in. So beautiful! I love the detail.
You can't see it in the picture, but the Chopsticks are gorgeous! they are sparkly all over and have beautiful flowers. Goujas!

And now I'd like to say a big Arigatou Gozaimasu!
Alysse you are the best. Thank you very much for these wonderful gifts. We really appreciate them. Love and Hugs! ~Kat and Kellie.


  1. SO PRETTY AND CUTE! Love it! Alysse, you're epic! ^_^ Love the 3D card!

  2. You're beyond welcome, babies. :3 <3