Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Bento Lunch

I felt like having a Fluffinutter for lunch, but I also wanted some cereal. and as I was putting it together I thought I should eat something healthy too and the fruit I got out was really sweet, so to cut the super sweet lunch I made I also made a small salad with light italian dressing.
I dub thee a Random Bento!
  • Gluten Free Bread (lightly toasted) with crunchy natural peanut butter and fluff
  • Gluten Free Rice Crispies cereal mixed with Fruity Pebbles (also gluten free)
  • Sliced Plum
  • Bing Cherries (I love how the stem was still together so I took the picture a little oddly so I could get the stems into the picture.)
  • Small Salad (Spring Mix Lettuce, Halved Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Carrots, Light Italian Dressing)
So here it is. I think I'll eat this in stages because nothing really goes with one another, so I think I'll hold off on the salad and eat that separate from all the sweet stuff.  I think I'll eat the sandwich first, then the dry cereal. Then I'll snack on the fruit, and I'll finish it off with the salad so the fruit can cleanse my palate and get it ready for the Italian dressing.
That and lost of water.
Thanks for looking at my random bento, I hope it wasn't too weird for you all. lol


  1. But tis a bento of super tasty! (Well, I wouldn't touch the tomatoes, but everything else! And it's all colorful as usual! ^_^