Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family of Bunnies Bento

I felt like having Grilled Cheese for lunch today... that must mean fall is coming soon because I hardly ever eat cheese except for in the fall. One of my favorite combinations is apples and cheese because it tastes sooo good. but I only ever crave it in the Autumn because the apples are in season and it makes me think of getting ready for school and my mom would make me 'Happle Bagel Sandwiches' which were Bagels with apple slices and a cheese slice over it, and toasted in the toaster oven. Soooo delicious it makes you Happy.... hence the name 'Happle'... Happy Apple!
Anyway, Since I wanted grilled cheese and I also wanted to use some of my awesome new bento goodies that my friend Gina brought home from Japan for me.... I decided to make a grilled cheese bento and make it bunny themed because I got cute little bunny food cutters.
This bento features a family of bunnies peaking out of a bush. The Mommy and Daddy Bunny are protecting their baby bunnies! I love that I got to use soooo many of my bento accessories old and new. I used my new 2 Tiered Bento Box and my new Yellow Bento Fork, and two of my Bunny Food Cutters, as well as my Leaf Food Pick, Bento Box Food Cup, and a Silicone Food Cup.
  • Apple Rabbit
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bunny (Gluten Free Bread, Shredded Cheddar Cheese. American Cheese bunny face with toasted sesame eyes and ketchup features. I used a toothpick to paint the ketchup on the cheese)
  • Mixed Lettuce 'Bush'
  • Annie's Berry Gummy Bunnies (The babies)
  • Garden Fresh Tomato with Fresh Cracked Pepper
  • Grapes
  • Clementine
 Here is a close up of the bunny Family!

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. So friggin' cute!!! Especially the bunny!

  2. AAAAAH! THAT BUNNY IS IS SO CUTE! I love that! Heeheeheehee! Still gotta show the boys the bento pics; Leslie would love this one! <3!!!! And Mmm, Grilled Cheese!

  3. YAY! Thank you both! I'm soo happy with how this bento came out.

  4. Too cute to eat!! xD <3

  5. Thank you Alysse. Too cute to eat? Maybe... yet I ate them up and they were delicious! lol

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Haha of course! Turn of phrase only! Looks sumptious! <3

    3. :) I am so curious as to what the deleted comment said.... o.O