Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whole Wheat Blueberry/Raspberry Muffins!

So I wanted to make Blueberry Muffins... and I was thinking I should make them Red White and Blue, so I decided to add Raspberries too... But then I wanted to make the Muffins healthy and not use bleached flour or anything like that, so my red white and blue muffins turned into super healthy berry muffins instead!
 (I ate 2 of them when they were still warm... so there are only 14 in the picture...)
I cut some of the vegetable oil out and added apple sauce, and I used 1/4 cup Egg Beaters instead of an egg. So that really cut down on the calories. And the whole batch of muffins only has 3Tbsp of sugar in it. I also added frozen wild blueberries and raspberries too. And because I added so many berries to the muffins it made more then the recipe said it would... also causing the calories per muffin to drop down a bit.

So each Muffin was only 95 Calories which is half the calories of the leading brand of muffin mix from the store [about 190 calories] (Which has imitation blueberries in it, so please read the packages to find out what you are buying and eating!) And a store bought blueberry muffin has anywhere between 200-600 calories depending on the size and where you get them.

This muffin was super tasty and very moist. It took me only a few seconds to get used to the taste of the whole wheat instead of the bleached refined flour that everyone is used to. I also turned it into a (red white and blue) dessert with Sliced Strawberries, Fat Free Whipped Cream, and Blueberries! YUM!
This dessert is only 125 Calories!

Where's the muffin?!? Lol

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