Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cute Z Cute Cutter

Look at these super cute food cutters by Cute Z Cute... This can only mean one thing...

I won the Cute Z Cute Cutter Giveaway and my package finally arrived in the mail!!!!
How exciting!! :)
 When I came home to find this package I jumped for joy!
 Inside I found my very own set of Cute Z Cute cutters. It came with 4 animal face cutter/stamps and one outline cutter, as well as a tool to help loosen the food you cut from the cutter.
 My Favorite, not surprisingly, in the Cute Pig.
 Next we have the Winking Cat
 The Smiling Frog,
 And the Happy Panda.
 Here is the outline cutter that fits on all of the faces.

And the Cute Z Cute tool to help loosen the food from the cutters.

I am looking forward to making cute sandwiches with my new cutters soon! :)

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