Monday, November 5, 2012

Gluten Free General Gao's Bento

Last night I went to a Chinese and Japanese Restaurant that had a large Gluten Free Menu. I was so happy with all the options, and I even had trouble choosing what to order. I ended up ordering Gluten Free General Gao's Chicken because I haven't had General Gao's since I had to start eating Gluten Free.
Ooh, I was glad I ordered it because it was delicious. I also ordered a side of Brown Rice, and it was delicious too.
I saved a good amount of my dinner so I could bring it to work with me today for lunch.

 I mixed the rice and chicken together and I tossed in some chopped broccoli to add some extra nutrition and fiber. I put it all into my mini crock pot and plugged it in at work.
By the time Lunch rolled around I had a steaming bowl of General Gao's waiting for me. And I enjoyed it all. Now if only they could make this with a forth of the calories... ;)

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