Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sausage Fried Rice Bento

This is a very lazy bento...
Why is it lazy you ask? Well because I just took what I made for dinner and plopped it into a bento box and took a picture, that's why.
That's right, I felt like making a bento, but I was short on time and energy so I took the Sausage Fried Rice I made for dinner and put it into a piggy bento box, and I added a Piggy Cheesy Bread to make it cuter (and because they are tasty).
 Aww, Look at those piggies! I just love them so much!
Here's the Fried Rice I made for dinner.
  • Brown Rice
  • Scrambled Egg (I used Egg Beaters)
  • Mixed Vegetables (Peas, Corn, Lima Beans, Carrots, Green Beans)
  • Chicken Sausage (Spinach + Red Onion)
  • Green Onion
  • Garlic, Black Pepper, GF low sodium Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil

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