Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garden Vegetable Piggy Bento

That's right everybody, Another Piggy Bento...
I made this last night, but it was right before I had to go to work, so I didn't get to blog about it until now. I made my fiance and Mother-In-Law steak for dinner, and since I don't eat red meat I decided to make myself a cute little bento using one of the Garden Lites I won. And since I have been in the 'Pig' mood, I decided to turn said Garden Lite souffle into a pig face. :)
 It looks like my Garden Lites pig is checking out my Bento Box Pig... How cute!
 Oink Oink:
  • Garden Salad (Lettuce, Carrots, Broccoli Slaw, Cucumber, Tomato) [unpictured Light Italian Dressing]
  • Garden Lites Pig (Zucchini Garden Lites Souffle with/ Cucumber, Tomato, and Almond details)
 Here is a close up of my piggy face. I think it turned out really good. :)
And the salad that was really packed in there. It was too big to eat out of the bento box without making a mess so I ended up dumping it into a bowl to eat.

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