Monday, February 6, 2012

Hearts for my Love Bento

My first official Valentine's themed bento for 2012. I made this bento for my fiance's breakfast/lunch, and I couldn't resist making it red and pink and heart shaped. I love Valentine's Day (I love most holidays actually). I also got a new Heart Cookie cutter (only $0.63 including tax because it was 50% off of $0.99), and I wanted to use it.
  • 2 Heart Shaped Bread (I wrote LOVE on top with red foodsafe marker)
  • Strawberry Heart (With White Heart pick 'Arrow')
  • Dark Chocolate Chips (In Pink Heart Cup)
  • Chicken Salad (In Red Heart Cup with a Pink Spoon)
The bread was too porous to write on properly, so the LOVE was a bit muddled. Oh well, it's still readable.

I hope you all have a happy and Love filled day!


  1. So cute! Mmm, strawberries and chocolate! And bread! And stuff! <3!!!

    1. Thank you. Yeah I thought you'd like this bento

  2. A bento full of sweet Valentine's spirit!